Soleil book 1

Soleil, A Mustang Story

Soleil, A Mustang’s Story is a captivating tale of love, acceptance, and trust that is based on the real-life story of an adopted wild mustang. With courage and strength, Soleil learns to trust humans through her relationship with Elizabeth, the woman who adopts her, and an orphaned girl named Emily. Each day of her captivity brings new challenges for the wild mustang whose fear of being saddled, broken, and turned into a domestic horse gives way to a new happy life. Together, Soleil, Elizabeth, and Emily face their day-to-day challenges and gallop to freedom.


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soleil book 2

Soleil's Journey Home

The sequel to Soleil A Mustang’s Story continues when Soleil is brought back to where she was captured in Wyoming. Elizabeth, Emily and a wrangler named Michael ride in the back country of the Rockies in search of Soleil’s herd. Elizabeth was not prepared for the turn of events that happened.

In a surprising moment, Soleil breaks free and escapes with the wild Mustangs. Through dangerous terrain and unpredictable weather, Elizabeth, Emily and Michael search for Soleil, Elisabeth’s beloved horse.


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